about small cabins

Allow yourself to imagine and dream of a small cabin where you can close the door on the bustling outside world and open another that will feed your soul, refresh your spirit, and rejuvenate your full existence.

Small cabin living offers you just that!
Now, explore some small cabin, tiny house living and get a taste of the beauty and gift of small cabin living.


Hide Your Clothes Under the Bed

But, in the light of small cabin living, storing your clothes underneath your bed is an ingenious idea. Naturally, you will want a cozy bed to sleep, so why not invest in a bunkbed and utilize the space left under it. Instead of wasted space with high ceilings above your bed, raise the bed and utilized the space underneath. This should provide enough room to store all your clothes plus more!


Bathroom Space Saver


Small cabin living doesn’t afford for a lot of extra cabinet space, but why not build small shelves around your toilet? Often, the bathroom gets the least amount of space attention since you spend the least amount of your time there, but with this creative space-saving addition you can store more than you might have imagined! No need to rely on cabinets when you can smartly store your most important bathroom necessities right above and along your bathroom wall. Enjoy the extra space and organization this space saver idea offers your small cabin’s bathroom

Small Cabin Washer Space

No need to leave your washer behind if you go with this nifty space-saving idea. Hide your washer underneath the kitchen counter! No one will ever know! So, whether your small cabin is a vacation getaway or a permanent dwelling, you don’t need to give up your washer simply because you have limited space


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